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:bulletpurple: Feel free to use my stock in any medium, so long as the end result is your own (e.g. resource for drawing or painting, digital painting, photomanipulation, etc.)

:bulletpink: DO NOT upload my stock to a pay site.

:bulletred: DO NOT use my stock commercially without my permission. You may sell deviations using my stock as prints on this site only, and the end result MUST be your own.

:bulletorange: My intention is to provide a free resource for creative and learning purposes. If you are using a photo as a MINOR visual reference in your traditional art, it is not necessary to inform or credit me.

:bulletyellow: My stock is for deviantART only, but you may share it via social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. 

:bulletgreen: Please credit me in a caption or in the deviation description. 

:bulletblue: In a simple link via comment, please let me know you used the stock. I would love to see what you created. (:

~Do not hesitate to ask me any questions!~


Journal Entry: Wed Dec 14, 2011, 8:58 PM
A dense forest casts silhouettes into the Oregon sky
The towering pine trees cradle me silently as I die
Fallen branches and pine needles seem to whisper as I cry

I've fallen like a leaf, defeated by the weight of gravity
Where the once glorious horizon has lost its warm beauty
And I've abandoned my last efforts to guard my sanity

Nostalgia has carried me into a psychedelic dream
Where the once colorful skyline swirls and the moon ceases to beam
A place void of reality and visually extreme

Fractals illuminate the fallen night whose stars I inhale
Selene smiles down on me as she covers all with her veil
The ticking of time rattles my ringing ears as I exhale

The moments of my life race across my dilated eyes
The mutely mournful pine trees cradle my body as it dies
Oregon forest frames the night sky where my soul freely flies

All is fallen.

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Journal Entry: Fri Oct 21, 2011, 9:51 PM
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I may have missed a few, but thus far, these are my favorite fellow dA members. Their work has stood out to me, and inspired my life visually, and conceptually.

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On a side note, I am still searching for affiliates for my website, If anyone would like to trade exposure, please let me know :) I will post a picture, your name, your sites, and a short bio.
Three emotions: Regret, relief, and hope.

Regret: I really had it made my freshman year and didn't appreciate it. I got so hung up in my petty sorrows and didn't stay focused. I was able to pull it together this year, but I wasted so much time. I also wish I had maintained a 4.0 all four years.

Relief: High school was really hard for me. I wasn't able to be myself, fully. I also couldn't focus on my art as much as I wanted to. Now I can just do my own thing.

Hope: I want to rise above all the negative stigmas around my character. I have so many dreams and goals and I'll die pursuing them. I'm so grateful to have made it this far, alive and well. I feel like a true survivor, but I hope my life has only just begun.

Class of 2011, we made it :D <3